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Ann Taylor, 1963

NelsonArt was born after the death of my mother, Ann Taylor Nelson, in 2000. A lifelong artist, she lived and painted in Colorado for the last thirteen years of her life.

Upon moving to Colorado, she joined the Park Hill Art Club and started creating vivid watercolor landscapes and still lifes. In this environment, she was able to workshop, exhibit and sell her paintings, share ideas, and travel to Europe to develop her unique style and color sense. When she died, she left behind over a hundred stunning watercolor paintings.

I was sitting at my desk half a year later when the idea for NelsonArt hit me -- by creating a line of fine art cards, I could share Mom's work with the world as well as raise money for a worthy cause.

After investigating various cancer charities, I settled on The Hirshberg Foundation, a charity for pancreatic cancer research and awareness; one of the few groups dedicated solely to pancreatic cancer, which will kill more than 187,000 people worldwide this year.

Ann T. Nelson, 1999

Ann painting in Georgetown, Colorado

The startup costs for NelsonArt came from thirty-five of her paintings I sold at a Park Hill Art show, where I was overwhelmed by the support I got from those who knew and loved her. Everybody wanted to be a part of NelsonArt right from the beginning!

I chose these six paintings for the opening line because they are some of my favorites that Mom did. Many more will be added to the NelsonArt line as time goes on, so check with us often!

This is me - Amy - in my studio in Los Angeles. Like my mom, I'm an artist too. Look elsewhere on the site for my original handmade cards and paintings!

Thanks for taking the time to read about NelsonArt. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at nelsonart@nelsonart.net. We look forward to hearing from you!